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Couple massage

Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Lehigh A, Alva, Immokalee, COUPLES MASSAGE

Therapeutic touch is very relaxing and restorative. Among the many benefits of massage therapy are improved concentration, sleep, and elimination of toxins. For new clients, or someone who is new to massage, we highly recommend selecting the Couples Massage for your introduction into professional massage therapy. Many Lool Ha Spa established long-term clients experienced one of our Couples Massages as their first professional massage. Our Couples Massage consists of two people both receiving massages by different massage therapists in the same room. The two people may be a husband and wife, girlfriend and boyfriend, friends, mother and daughter, etc.

Receiving a massage in pairs, or in the company of another, allows many recipients to obtain a higher degree of relaxation. Romantic couples share that this experience heightens their intimacy; many reach out and hold the hand of their partner during their massage; allowing them both to experience that deeper connection. One couple stated that their Couples Massage is their “special time where we get to enjoy something in common”. Come enjoy this extraordinary experience today in the relaxed, safe and reliable atmosphere of Lool Ha Spa!

Our licensed massage therapists, Luis and Maite, are a married couple who know the importance of having a good first experience in massage. Together they have perfected their routine, which incorporates stretching and moderate pressure into the massage; all of which will make your experience unforgettable and beneficial to your physical and mental health. Maite and Luis have designed their couples massage room to provide clients with the perfect environment to relax and make that human connection with their partner; allowing the healing touch of massage to become the ultimate holistic mind and body medicine. All of the massage rooms at Lool Ha Spa are private; you will not feel like just another person in the chair of a large warehouse or stadium. We focus on the human aspect of massage; ensuring that you are treated with respect and professionalism throughout your entire therapy session. Clients disrobe to the level they feel comfortable and only the body part(s) which are being worked on will be uncovered during the course of their massage.

We offer three Couples Massage options:

COUPLES MASSAGE: Soft pressure massage applied with lotion and /or hypo- allergenic oils ensuring maximum serenity and stress relief

HOT STONES COUPLES MASSAGE: Relaxing massage applied with medium pressure and the added benefit of heat therapy through hot stones.

ULTIMATE COUPLES MASSAGE: This ultimate relaxation experience includes the application of hot towels on your feet and back as well as reflexology in your hands or feet during your massage. In addition we incorporate the added benefits of aromatherapy, allowing you to select between different natural essential oils. Essential oils exist naturally in aromatic plants.

Please contact us today to schedule your massage at (239) 603-3775

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