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Q: How does Microlight work?

A: Typical treatments range from 10 minutes up to half hour, depending on the severity of you condition. Moderate pain or recent injuries could be relieved with 1 to 5 sessions, while severe or chronic pain could require 10 or more sessions

The Wave of the future By Darren Starwynn, O.M.D. Anyone who has watched the news knows that there are major issues with the availability and cost of health care. While allopathic (Western) medicine is a greate blessing for people who have had significant trauma and life-threatening diseases, it is not nearly as effective for long-term relief of pain and maintenance of health. Long-term use of pharmaceutical drugs is often associated with side effects ranging from uncomfortable to fatal. More and more people are seeking healthcare alternatives for pain and injury that are safe, effective and affordable. One of the most valuable is the rapidly growing field of energy medicine. Our bodies are marvelous and complex electrical entities. All of our life functions – heartbeat, brain waves, nerve function, digestion, wound healing and hormone production – are powered by innate electrical currents. The term energy medicine refers to methods that directly apply energy to the body for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes. Best known are microcurrent (gentle, low frequency electrical stimulation), color light and sound therapies. Microlight therapy, which combines microcurrent and therapeutic light, has providen pain relief and accelerated healing for countless people for whom other pain relief methods had failed. It is also used for treatment of the elderly and is a highly effective and well-accepted treatment for children because it is so gentle and safe.

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