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couple massage

Four-Step Treatment

Those of us who have studied acupuncture have had to deal with massive amounts of often confusing and contradictory information.This includes TCM (traditional Chinese acupuncture), Japanese meridian work, auricular therapy, Korean hand acupuncture, electrical stimulation, hara diagnosis, back shu points, and of course good old symptomatic treatment. This four-step treatment procedure is very valuable because it is an effective and well organized way to give a truly holistic acupuncture treatment to a patient. It brings together all of the above elements in a truly elegant manner.
I have taken the four-step treatment system taught by Dr. Yoshio Manaka and adapted it to use with microcurrent electro-acupuncture. This is the basis for the system taught in my seminars. Dr. Manaka has contributed greatly to the field of acupuncture, perhaps more than any other modern practitioner. Starting during World War II, he innovated ways to speed the healing of military burn victims using metal foils over the burned areas connected with cords to distal acupuncture points. He later added elements of polarity therapy to his acupuncture protocols. Eventually he developed his famous ion-pumping cords, which connect pairs of master acu-points, only allowing one-way flow of ions through the cords. This one-way flow creates a powerful induction of internal Qi flow through the internal energy systems of the body. Until his death a few years ago, Dr. Manaka applied rigorous modern research methods to the work of testing and validating traditional acupuncture techniques. Manaka used needles, moxa, magnets, wooden hammers and several types of electrical polarity devices in his research and practice.
The four-step treatment protocol presented in this seminar is one his most valuable contributions. The Acutron Mentor and some other microcurrent devices can be used to carry out most of the aspects of this system. The four elements of this system are, in order of use:
STEP ONE: Meridian testing and balancing
STEP TWO: Back Shu Points
STEP THREE: Structural Balancing
STEP FOUR: Symptom Control Treatmentsscriba aquí la entrada.

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